Rampant Design Tools – FCPX Essentials – FCPX Plugin

Rampant Design Tools – FCPX Essentials – FCPX Plugin
FCPX 10.2.3 or Motion 5.2.3 (or later) | MAC OS X 10.10.5 (or later) | 40 HD FCPX Effects | RAR 55 MB

Why Do You Need FCPX Essentials?

  • FCPX Essentials allows you to quickly and easily add essential transitions and effects to your video in Final Cut Pro X.


  • 125 FCPX Effects, Transitions & Adjustment Layer
  • Created by Emmy Award Winning VFX Artists
  • Easy to use. Instantly stylize your edit


RAR PASS: 8512132312213213-GFXTRA

Rampant Design Tools – Monster Toolkit

Rampant Design Tools – Monster Toolkit
Prores MOV | Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Avid, HitFilm | All NLE’S | 3840×2160 | PC & MAC | RAR 40 GB
1500 Monster Body Parts & Textures | Created by Emmy Award Winning VFX Artists | Shot on RED Epic Digital Cinema Cameras
  • Rampant Monster Toolkit  is designed to add crazy monsters to your video content.  Monster Toolkit was designed to transform your video actors into full blown beasties.

What is Rampant Monster Toolkit?

  • Monster Toolkit is a professionally designed collection of monster body parts including eyes, brow, cheeks, chins, ears, lips, mouths, noses, teeth, wounds and skin textures.


  • 1500 Monster Body Parts & Textures
  • Created by Emmy Award Winning VFX Artists
  • Shot on RED Epic Digital Cinema Cameras
  • High quality ProRes files
  • Compatible with all editing & compositing apps
  • Easy to use. Instantly stylize your edit

Burned Eyes

Cat Eyes






Large Iris Eyes



Mystic Eyes












RAR PASS: bvcxvbnvcvb-GFXTRA

CreativeMarket – 100 Logo Mockups Bundle Vol.4 2512347

CreativeMarket – 100 Logo Mockups Bundle Vol.4 2512347

Do you want to present your logos professionally? Do you want to WOW the client and beat out the competition? Are your completed logo designs missing something?

Now you can present your logos professionally and easily with this large collection of Mockups providing you an extensive library in different styles to choose from. No longer will your logos lack the attention they deserve. With 100 different designs in the bundle you will have the perfect Mockup to showcase your logo.

Styles include:abstract, chocolate, clipboard, coffee cup, cooking pan, cupcake, donut box, egyptian scarab, forks, wall, guitar case, helmet, jewelry, knife, sign, medical, pills, monitor, paper scroll, pillow, pizza box, plate, playing cards, poker chips, smart watch, usb stick, wall sign, wine.

Layered PSD | 3000×2000 | JPG Image | Transparent PNG | RAR 3,4 GB


REALISTIC Presentations: based on 3D renders

3000x2000px 300ppi: great for High resolution displays

DOF: shallow depth of field effect*

Texture/Color: choose different texture or color (gold, silver, etc.)*

Smart Objects (PS CS4+) – double click on smart object thumbnail (red layer), drag and drop your logo in place, Save and close the smart object document to update the presentation with your logo

Variety of mockups: objects, scenes and environments; different business categories; signs and objects in DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES, and more

EASY TO USE: with a few clicks you get an awesome presentation for your logo

Great VALUE for less money

Quick Help Included

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Send me a message if you have questions


Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher

compatible with transparent png logos, text or shapes


Background is a Photo or 3D render



CreativeMarket – Premium Packaging Mock-up’s Bundle 2484159

    high resolution PSD file [4000px x 4000px]

    appropriately prepared Smart Object layer with the project

    PSD file is prepared so as to allow to replace the project easily and fast

Layered PSD | 4000×4000 | RAR 5,8 GB


Here is items, which set contains:

  •     Coffee Cup With Sleeve-3 PSD Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2431422-Coffee-Cup-With-Sleeve-3-PSD-Mockup
  •     Clear Glass Bottle With Wine-Mockup $7 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2422440-Clear-Glass-Bottle-With-Wine-Mockup
  •     Glossy Plastic Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2415105-Glossy-Plastic-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Credit Card Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2415036-Credit-Card-Mockup
  •     10L HDPE Jerry Can Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2409549-10L-HDPE-Jerry-Can-Mockup
  •     Spray Bottle W/ Kraft Box – 2 PSD Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2381901-Spray-Bottle-W-Kraft-Box-2-Mockup
  •     Ceramic Wine Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2378594-Ceramic-Wine-Bottle-Mockup
  •     4 Matte Plastic Drink Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2371805-4-Matte-Plastic-Drink-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Cosmetic – 7 PSD Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2363765-Cosmetic-7-PSD-Mockup
  •     Iphone Case 6 – Mockups $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2360352-Iphone-Case-6-Mockups
  •     Animated iPhone X – 5 Mock-up $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2357664-Animated-iPhone-X-5-Mock-up
  •     Rectangular Pillow Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2350138-Rectangular-Pillow-Mockup
  •     Wine Bottle Width Box $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2348507-Wine-Bottle-Width-Box
  •     Clear Glass Jar Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2342720-Clear-Glass-Jar-Mockup
  •     Beer Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2340945-Beer-Bottle-Mockup
  •     2 PSD Matte Plastic Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2334157-2-PSD-Matte-Plastic-Bottle-Mockup
  •     4 PSD Photo Frame Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2332093-4-PSD-Photo-Frame-Mockup
  •     Bamboo Tablecloth Mockup – Top View $5 https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2331533-Bamboo-Tablecloth-Mockup-Top-View
  •     2 PSD Matte Vodka Botle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2321410-2-PSD-Matte-Vodka-Botle-Mockup
  •     3 PSD Clear Cream Jar Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2310526-3-PSD-Clear-Cream-Jar-Mockup
  •     50ml Clear Glass Dropper Bottle $7 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2296496-50ml-Clear-Glass-Dropper-Bottle
  •     3 Energy Drink Can Mockup PSD $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2276069-3-Energy-Drink-Can-Mockup-PSD
  •     Wine Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2253072-Wine-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Matte Plastic Drink Bottle Mockup $7 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2250214-Matte-Plastic-Drink-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Glossy Plastic Drink Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2250209-Glossy-Plastic-Drink-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Animated Instagram Stories Mockups $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2246760-Animated-Instagram-Stories-Mockups
  •     Cosmetics Mock-up $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2243707-Cosmetics-Mock-up
  •     Perfume Bottle & Paper Box Mockup $8 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2238805-Perfume-Bottle-Paper-Box-Mockup
  •     Opened Matte Paper Tube Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2233376-Opened-Matte-Paper-Tube-Mockup
  •     7 PSD plastic drink mockup $3 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2228817-7-PSD-plastic-drink-mockup
  •     Glossy Plastic Drink Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2223433-Glossy-Plastic-Drink-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Samsung A8 PSD Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2217095-Samsung-A8-PSD-Mockup
  •     Plastic Protein Jar Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2216849-Plastic-Protein-Jar-Mockup
  •     Credit Card Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2199516-Credit-Card-Mockup
  •     Candle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2194009-Candle-Mockup
  •     Matte Glass Wine Bottle Mockup $10 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2190083-Matte-Glass-Wine-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Household Bottle Mockup $3 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2185096-Household-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Roll-on Bottle Mockup $3 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2183075-Roll-on-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Matte Plastic Shampoo Botle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2182666-Matte-Plastic-Shampoo-Botle-Mockup
  •     Matte Glass Bottle Mockup $10 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2155889-Matte-Glass-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Glossy Pills Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2147216-Glossy-Pills-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Plastic Shampoo Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2138889-Plastic-Shampoo-Bottle-Mockup
  •     500ml Bottle with Glossy Label Mocku $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2133938-500ml-Bottle-with-Glossy-Label-Mocku
  •     500ml Bottle with Matte Label Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2132971-500ml-Bottle-with-Matte-Label-Mockup
  •     Matte Dropper Bottle With Metal Cap $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2130284-Matte-Dropper-Bottle-With-Metal-Cap
  •     Metallic Plastic Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2125954-Metallic-Plastic-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Matte Plastic Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2123139-Matte-Plastic-Bottle-Mockup
  •     Glossy Plastic Bottle Mockup $5 – https://creativemarket.com/greenart/2122547-Glossy-Plastic-Bottle-Mockup









CM – 80 Modern Vintage Logos vol. 4 2425840

CM – 80 Modern Vintage Logos vol. 4 2425840


All logos were designed with vector shapes and strokes and have live text paths so they are easy to customize and are perfectly scalable in vector based programs.

AI, and Hi Res PSD files included.

Every logo was created with our Hanley font collection and also features new elements and frames only available with this pack.


80 AI logo templates collected on two separate files

80 individual hi-res PSD files (3000 x 3000 px)

Layered PSD | Ai Illustrator | 3000×3000 | RAR 44,5 MB



CreativeMarket – 520 A to Z Logos Bundle 1294156

CreativeMarket – 520 A to Z Logos Bundle 1294156


520 A to Z Logos Bundle This bundle is also included in our MEGA BUNDLE 1400 Logos Mega Bundle Pack for just $29 Only. Purchase Link: https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1312306-1400-Logos-Mega-Bundle-Pack

Please check out the bundle preview video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF87YNNGyaE&feature=youtu.be

Logo Templates:

“A” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1306057-20-A-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos

“B” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1009359-20-B-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos

“C” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1009360-20-C-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos

“D” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1074561-20-D-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“E” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1149001-20-E-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“F” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1168922-20-F-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“G” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1192229-20-G-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“H” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1196506-20-H-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“I” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1221180-20-I-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos

“J” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1250298-20-J-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“K” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1306058-20-K-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“L” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1312308-20-L-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“M” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/860704-20-M-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos

“N” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1323927-20-N-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“O” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1324129-20-O-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“P” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1323929-20-P-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“Q” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1324130-20-Q-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“R” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1325266-20-R-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“S” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1325267-20-S-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“T” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1326364-20-T-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“U” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1326365-20-U-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos

“V” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1326745-20-V-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“W” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1326812-20-W-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“X” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1327233-20-X-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“Y” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1327337-20-Y-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

“Z” Letter Alphabetic Logos :https://creativemarket.com/anproductions/1326747-20-Z-Letter-Alphabetic-Logos?published

Don’t miss out this MEGA 520 Letter Logos Bundle Why you should purchase now?

Firstly these logos are BRAND NEW 2017 Edition, we have designed all these logos in 2017.

Because we offer free updates, in upcoming months this collection will be thousand plus, so you get the future updates within current price. We offer great support including after sales

Minimum costs of these logos(each) are at least $25 This bundle worth: 520 Logos X $25= $13000 ***Only $22, This is for limited time only. SO HURRY UP! ____ Features: • 520+ Editable Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Logo Files • 30 Textures Pack • Vector shapes • Editable text • Layered • Free fonts ____ ____ Here are a few testimonials from our customers: ____

“Had an issue with downloads – artist contacted me very quickly and resolved issue. Great artwork, fantastic value, awesome customer service. Highly recommended.”

Kathryn Broadwood

“I love the great value for great presets! I highly recommend AN Products for LR presets. They also responded quickly when I had a question.” • Christel R. “Beautiful actions and a wonderful seller. Customer service goes above and beyond!” • Robin “Absolutely beautiful and better than what I expected!” • Logan K. ____

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have ANY Questions or Concerns! We are always available and happy to help. Let’s discuss things over with a virtual cup of coffee! ____ ____ ©2017 AN Products- All Rights Reserved


RAR PASS: 520_A_to_Z_Logos_Bundle_LennyaAa

AOV – Master Creator Bundle

AOV – Master Creator Bundle
Lr Template, Mov | Lightroom 4.5+ | RAR 1.2 GB
The AOV Master Creator Bundle Includes the top 11 AOV Presets as well as  AOV Urban LUTS, Landscape LUTS, and Film LUTS.

Master Creator Bundle Includes:

11 AOV Preset Packs. $600 in value




 TO MAC USERS: If password doesn’t work, use this archive program: 
RAR Expander 0.8.5 Beta 4  and extract password protected files without error.

VFXER – Element 3D Materials Bundle

VFXER – Element 3D Materials Bundle
EMF, PNG, JPG | Element 3D V2 and above | 200 Exciting Professional Materials | 2048px | RAR 1.5 GB
  • Endless Possibilities: From Realistic to Grunge to Futuristic Surfaces.Lightning fast responsiveness of Element 3D & the VFXER Materials Bundle allows you to create in a fast and intuitive way without the slow render times of other 3D apps, making design more fun and immersive.


Whether you’re creating motion graphics, designing robot/mecha characters in Sci-fi scenes or adding metal materials to vehicles for VFX work, VFXER PRO Metals gives you a variety of advanced, epic looking materials that are sure to impress.
Exciting, eye catching materials created specifically for motion graphics and VFX artists, who want great looking materials inside of Element 3D V2.


  • 200 Exciting Professional Materials for Element 3D.
  • Fully Customizable – change the color, specularity, reflectivity, detail, illumination.
  • 2K resolution textures give you vivid, impressive detail, without sacrificing render performance and look great even when zoomed in.

Note: VFXER PRO Metals only works with Element 3D version 2 and above, as it uses the improved physically based shader system in Element 3D v2.




CreativeMarket – Abstract Brush Strokes Patterns 1879891

CreativeMarket – Abstract Brush Strokes Patterns 1879891


Abstract brush strokes seamless patterns. You will get 9 different patterns in different vector and raster formats:

• 9 eps 10 files

• 9 svg files

• 9 png files

• 9 jpeg files (5000×5000 px, 300 dpi)



Attractive Business Woman Cartoon Character Ultimate Set 100 Vectors

Attractive Business Woman Cartoon Character Set Ultimate Set
Ai | EPS | PNG | JPG | PDF | PSD Scalable and Editable Vectors | 277 MB
Sale Page

Business Woman Cartoon Character presented in 63 different postures and moods. She’s smart, elegant and attractive. It really looks like she’s good in doing business, she’s got that self-confident look & feel. We have created a top-notch cartoon character with perfection in every detail. And we truly believe that if you use our business woman, your project will look much better! We paid extra attention to all details and the final result is awesome. Each posture is vivid and filled with emotions, you will really grab the attention of your customers! Some of the pre-made postures are: sad, happy, cheerful, bored, shocked, stunned, confused and many more. Super useful Business Woman Cartoon

Character for all businesslike purposes – projects related to finance, accounting, attorneys, bookkeeping, internet & technology, etc. Think about the ultimate package, that’s the only option that contains all vector files of the business woman and will help you to change the colors, shapes and effects by using Adobe Illustrator CS6+. It’s a pretty good deal as only for $32 you get all source files of these 63 cartoon characters! Moreover, the ultimate package contains a symbol library, which will help you to mix and match the body elements easily.

You just need Adobe Illustrator CS6+ and some basic skills in designing. And then it’s just a matter of time to make the perfect combination that will suit your project completely.

The ultimate pack contains vector files which could be edited with Adobe Illustrator CS6+. Note that you will need some skills to edit the cartoon characters.